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Celia Lerman Will Teach About The Role Of Intellectual Property In The Open Innovation Online Course – Ministry Of Productive Development Of Argentina

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Celia Lerman, our partner and expert in Intellectual Property Law at Lerman & Szlak, will be part of the experts’ panel in the Open Innovation Online Course offered by the Ministry of Productive Development of Argentina and the Office of Industry, Knowledge Economy, & External Commercial Management. This educational effort will be facilitated by 20 specialists, national bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, leaders on the subject, and researchers related to Open Innovation at a national and international level.

As a specialist in the design of intellectual property protection strategies, Celia’s expertise in innovation projects administered with open licenses will be a valuable contribution toward the central objective of the Course, dedicated to training the productive and industrial sectors in open innovation. Moreover, it will demonstrate how the role of intellectual property is paramount in the processes of digital transformation, generation of participatory solutions, and concentration of the creative energy of society. Thus, understanding the rules regulating IP rights is imperative to promote active collaboration between different types of organizations that want to take advantage of open innovation. Likewise, understanding the precise application of intellectual property strategies in this matter aids to prevent and reduce conflicts related to intangible assets among the collaborators involved in an open innovation venture.

Module 5, in which Celia will participate, is scheduled for July 1, 2020. On such occasion, they will discuss the matter of Competitions, Calls, and Challenges alongside the Role of Intellectual Property in Open Innovation. Accordingly, they will share good practices for the creation of intangible assets protected by intellectual property, how to capture their value through different models (exclusive ownership of IP rights, open-source, and semi-open source licenses), and how to identify the most common motives to promote open innovation through competitions and calls.

The Course will also offer the conceptual frameworks and the various open innovation methodologies that exist today, the lessons obtained in open innovation projects related to Covid19, as well as other cases and experiences from Argentina and the rest of the world. In addition, it is a free course with open classes via online videoconferences. It will have a duration of 8 weeks, with classes from 6 to 8 pm between June 3 — July 22, 2020 (Wednesdays).

We invite our clients, colleagues, and friends to enroll in the Virtual Open Innovation Course. We also acknowledge the effort made by other experts and the Course organizers and offering this knowledge online, for free, while the Covid19 is still part of our daily lives. We consider that the promotion of Open Innovation’s benefits is more important than ever, in order to support the changes that have been accelerated as a result of this global crisis.

For more information about the Course and how to register, click here and here, or contact us at info@lermanszlak.com.


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