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Celia Lerman is a lawyer in both California (California Bar & Master in the Science of Law, Stanford University) and Argentina (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, valedictorian; LLM, Intellectual Property, from Universidad Austral, with honors). She is a partner at Lerman & Szlak, managing their intellectual property practices in Argentina & California. You can contact her here.

Celia Lerman Selected As a Member of the INTA Bulletins Committee (2020−2021 Term)

This Committee is responsible for a substantial portion of the INTA and China Bulletins’ content, and it gathers the efforts of the seven INTA Bulletin-focused subcommittees and the China Bulletin subcommittee. Celia is currently chair of the AI and Decisions by Machines Subcommittee at the Emerging Issues Committee (2016–2017, and 2017–2019 terms), and has previously contributed as a member of the Trademark Reporter Committee (2014–2015 term).

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Celia Lerman writes on the Impact of the new EU-Mercosur Agreement for Trademarks and Geographical Indications

The European Union (representing its 28 members, including the United Kingdom) and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) have reached a draft text that includes these benefits: the elimination of more than 90 percent of customs duties for trade on certain products; higher standards on food safety, animal health, and plant health; higher goals for sustainable development; open trade in services and establishment; and rules on e-commerce and data protection, among other commercial benefits.

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Sitting for the California Bar as a Foreigner — How can I sit for the Bar Even If I Have Not Taken an LLM in the US?

My answer is: YES. You are smart and have accomplished a lot in your home country, and many times, in other countries as well. California does not require a law degree prior to the bar, and there are many successful people who have passed the bar even without having a law degree at all (most notably, one of the LegalZoom founders, Edward Hartman)

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Legal Innovation Summit: A Morning Dedicated to Innovation

Celia’s speech at the summit will focus on the subject of the Law & Innovation Lab that she founded and is the head of at the Torcuato Di Tella University, where she is also a professor. They are the first and only legal clinic for entrepreneurs in Latin America, focused on innovations in the world of law and entrepreneurship.

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